Kubecon NA: Hacking the Kubernetes Secure Software Supply-chain with .zip Domains

Neovim Conf 2023: Introducing nvim-llama

PancakesCon 4: Containers, Hardening Against Escapes, and Funk Bass

I spoke at Stackoverflow’s cyber-security and red-team conference, PankcakesCon. In this talk, I discuss Bottlerocket, a Linux based operating system designed for running containers, as a use case for hardening container based environments against attack.


KubeCon EU: The Risks of Single Maintainer Dependencies

I spoke at Kubecon EU 2022 on my experience maintaining spf13/cobra, an extremely important software project in the cloud-native ecosystem, with just a small group of other contributors.

Business of Open Source: Exploring the Risks of Single Maintainer Dependencies with John McBride

During my time in Spain for Kubecon EU ‘22, I also appeared on the “Business of Open Source” podcast to discuss maintaining cobra and what startups considering opening sourcing their technologies can learn.

You can listen to the episode here.

NeovimConf 2022: Lua, A Primer

Configuring Nvim via Lua is a powerful, native, and fast way to get your Nvim editor environment just how you like it. But what IS Lua?

Well, in this talk, we’ll explore the essentials of this amazing & simple language. You’ll learn how to use it effectively within Nvim, how to create a simple Lua plugin, and how to use it on it’s own via it’s interpreter.

Deserted Island DevOps 2022: Distributed Shared Team Configurations With Oh-My-Zsh

Team knowledge, configurations, and infrastructure access can be challenging in a distributed world. Have you ever asked “what’s that command we use?” or “Where are the secrets to access that environment?” - well this talk is for you!

In this talk, I explore using Oh-My-Zsh, a powerful Zsh configuration framework, in order to share team knowledge, distribute common configurations, and share infrastructure access. I also discuss the real world scenario this use case emerged from, challenges faced in this approach, and how you can leverage Oh-My-Zsh for your distributed devops teams.