Hi there! ๐ŸŒŠ

My name is John & I’m a senior software engineer at OpenSauced where I’m building our backend infrastructure and open source insights tooling.

In the past, I’ve worked at AWS, VMware, & Pivotal Cloud Foundry where I worked on open source software, observability & SRE tooling, Kubernetes, Linux operating systems, and cloud technologies.

This site is my personal landing page and blog. You’ll find all kinds of stuff here: stuff about tech, short stories, long-form essays, photos, music, videos, ramblings on philosophy, and really, whatever I want (it’s my website after all).

All opinions and views herein are my own opinions and do not reflect those of any employer (past, present, future, or inter-dimensional).



I can be reached directly at hello.john.codes@gmail.com


If you find any of the open source work I’ve done valuable, please consider supporting me via GitHub sponsors.

You can find my personal public PGP here. Use it to send me secret messages or verify my identity online.